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Swansea's No 1 Day Nursery

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Swansea's No 1 Day Nursery - Flowers Day Nursery

Finding the right Nursery or Day Nursery for your child and you as a parent or carer is extremely important and there are always a number of things you should take into consideration if this is your first time looking for daycare for them.

Flowers Day Nursery was voted NDNA Welsh Day Nursery of the Year 2013/2014 and it is an award each of our team members are very very proud of.

We were UK Finalists in the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 NDNA Awards and we are proud to say that, both ourselves and our parents consider us as an exceptional Day Nursery in Swansea.

Who is the NDNA?

NDNA stands for the National Day Nurseries Association. The National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) is an award-winning national charity which aims to enhance the development and education of children in their early years. They do this with the support services they offer to their members. They provide up to date support, information, advice and guidance to the childcare, early years and nursery sector and offer a platform where childcare providers can source training, industry updates and have their voice. The NDNA represents the sector and voices concerns on important issues in early year care to Government.

The NDNA state, “we don’t just provide nursery membership, lobby government and offer training, we are dedicated to making a difference.

Swansea's No 1 Day Nursery

We are a charity that believes in quality and sustainability so we put our members’ businesses at the very heart of ours. We enhance, support, nurture, cherish and challenge. Our innovative thinking gives your nursery the edge, an advantage that makes it the best it can be.

Quite simply, we are the people behind the people who care and champion the best for our children.”

What is the NDNA Nursery Awards?

The NDNA Nursery Awards are prestigious nursery awards which acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across the nursery and childcare sector, highlighting the fantastic work of nurseries and practitioners in supporting over one million children and their families.

The judging process takes into account the votes from parents versus the numbers of children at the nursery, the submission itself and the quality of comments which creates a fair judging process across all nursery sizes.

What are the criteria for the NDNA Nursery Awards?

The winner for all three awards is determined by the following;

  • The number of parent/carer votes

  • The quality of parent/carer comments

  • The quality and information provided in the online submission (1,000 words or less)

  • Only one parent/carer is able to vote for per child

  • Parents/Carers must provide full names for their vote to count

Parents are encouraged to comment on why they have voted for the nursery, giving examples of how the nursery has helped and supported their child as the reasons for their vote are taken into account when deciding the winners.

The Nursery of the Year winners are split into three regions (North of England, Central England, South of England), two national (Scotland and Wales), one international nursery and one overall winner is then awarded.

Every Nursery of the Year finalist is visited by the NDNA or interviewed by an early years adviser who then compiles a report for the judging panel.

The Nursery of the Year Application and Submission has to include:

  • Type of provision – nursery, pre-school, forest school, childminder etc.

  • Number and age of children

  • Number and qualifications of the staff

  • Most recent inspection rating (if applicable)

  • Details of any quality improvement scheme such as Quality Counts, Investors in People, Millie’s Mark or other

  • Leadership in your setting and how you substantiate it?

  • How you support successful parent partnerships

  • How you involve your children in the local community

  • How you involve the children, parents and carers and serve the local community

  • What impact you have had on the children and families at your setting

  • The Unique Selling Point (USP) of your setting

  • Your future plans

  • Why you should win the Nursery of the Year

Why did we win the NDNA Welsh Day Nursery of the Year 2013/2014?

The Flowers Day Nursery is an independent, family-owned, reputable nursery in Swansea who has been providing personalised childcare in a family-focused environment since 2004. Our professional, caring and reputable nursery offers the best daycare for babies right through to preschool age. Our whole team is committed to fun, engaging and learning play and all our childcare professionals are fully qualified with varied childcare experience and backgrounds.

We are proud of the excellent care we provide to babies and children in Swansea and celebrate the success of what we do every day by entering the NDNA Awards.

Our beautiful four-storey Grade II listed building is bright, airy and spacious allowing us to have designated areas for the varying ages we care for including:

The Flower’s Dedicated Baby Floor Unit

Our self-contained Baby Unit, Rosebuds & Sweetpeas looks after and cares for babies from 3-18 months and is focused on the love and care this age needs. Our team of fully qualified Nursery staff help settle and nurture your baby throughout their time with us. Our individual baby unit enables us to follow your child’s routine in a homely setting which we understand is vital at this early age. Our baby rooms are on the ground floor to ensure easy access when you drop off and pick up, with no stairs to navigate with a pram or a car seat. The room is light, bright and airy and incorporates a playroom, a quiet room and a separate changing room.

Our experienced baby team have some of the most valuable experience and qualifications in South Wales and this has been highlighted in our NDNA reports. Our baby room is focused on replicating a home environment to ensure every child feels safe and secure. We have cots for them to sleep in so their daily routine can be replicated and this is decorated and furnished in a calm and soothing design. Our baby unit has a range of engaging and stimulating areas and includes a huge range of age-appropriate equipment and toys, all of which are cleaned and replaced regularly.

Our fully qualified and experienced baby team are all dedicated to your babies development and emotional security They are kind and caring and always give an abundance of love and cuddles throughout your babies time with us. The aim of our baby room is to provide a happy, safe and loving environment where your baby can grow, learn and develop to their full potential at their own pace. Our team of experienced Nursery Nurses and fully qualified Key Workers all have specific baby knowledge and focus on their emotional and developmental needs.

Every child at Flowers Day Nursery has a key carer as we know that having a close relationship with one carer is essential to ensure your child feels loved and emotionally secure as well as giving you a pint of contact. Your key carer will work closely with you when routines change and the key to this relationship is communication when you drop off and pick up. We encourage you to tell us if you have any worries or concerns when you drop your baby off and we will tell you how their day has gone when you pick them up, so you are kept fully informed about the day they have had as well as any milestones they have may achieve.

The Flower’s Creative Room

Our Buttercups Room is also located on the first floor. Our Buttercup room supports children aged between 18-24 months to make the transition from the baby room to the toddler-aged group to the Daisy Playroom). At Flowers Day Nursery, we understand and believe this age has very specific needs and it is important that the progression from the baby room to the toddler room is planned, gradual and individual to each child. Our creative rooms are homely, comfortable and bright and they offer the next step in your child’s development.

During their time in Buttercups, we focus on your child’s language development and provide them with the opportunities for new experiences in play. Daily activities are planned and include art, crafts, singing, dancing, construction, sand play, water play, role-play and stories. Your child’s day in Buttercups is structured and still includes rest in our sleep room as we understand that children at this age still need a time out during their day to enable them to recharge and not get overtired

The Flower’s Playrooms

Our Daisy playroom is situated on the first floor of our beautiful building and is set up to offer the ideal environment for a toddler to explore, play and develop as well as having lots of social interaction with their friends and our specialist early learning team. This age group is split into two groups and they follow a daily routine which gives them security as well as preparing them for progression through their early years. Every day is interesting and varied and is planned to provide stimulation in a fun and caring environment.

We use a themed approach for our daily activities, each theme lasts around 3 months and includes stories, music, art and crafts, sand play, water play, role play and cooking.

The Flower’s Dedicated School Room

The School Room is made up of a spacious science room, a light and airy roleplay room, a quiet and chilled reading corner and a separate art and crafts room. Our schoolroom is where our children aged 3-4 years prepare for their start in reception year when they start school. We follow the Foundation Phase in the Early Learning Years curriculum and our fully qualified and experienced teachers deliver it in a fun and stimulating way helping your child to ease into a school like routine. Again our focused projects last for around 3 months and incorporate activities such as stories, music, art and craft, water and sand play and cookery. We also offer English and Welsh provision at this stage.

The Flower’s Core Values & Beliefs

Our core beliefs are based around teaching social skills, values, compassion, understanding and an appreciation of the world we live in. From an early age, the children learn about the different cultures in our society and our qualified teaching staff deliver all learning following the Early Learning Years curriculum from the ages of 3-4 years, helping them to progress into reception when they start primary school.

Working with Parents

At Flowers Day Nursery we believe that having a close working relationship with parents and carers is vital and it ensures that every child develops to their full potential and flourishes in their early years.

We appreciate the first few weeks of you returning to work after maternity or when your child first starts with us is difficult for both parents and children and we will support you in this emotional transition with regular catch-ups and interaction. They can come and have taster sessions with us where you can stay and when you feel comfortable you can then leave them for the time you feel comfortable with.

At Flower’s we understand that their early years go quickly and our key priority is to work with you closely to ensure your child feels loved, secure, learns and has fun for the whole time when they are with us.

Daily Communication

Every child has their own key carer from our baby room right through to preschool. Your key carer will feedback on developmental goals and achievements and share a daily log with you so you know what your child has done every day they are with us.

From our baby room through to the Early Learning Years curriculum our professional, experienced and qualified team will always work closely with you as a parent or carer. We ensure that every day your child spends with us is fun and varied and they have some wonderful experiences with us which encourage them to be inquisitive, inspiring them to want to learn and love life. Our aim is to create memories for them which will last a lifetime.

Sessions Available at the Flower’s

We are open from 7.30 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday which gives you early and late drop-off and pick-up options to suit your working hours or circumstances. We offer full or part-time options and childcare solutions to meet your individual needs.

The Flower’s School Drop Off & Pick Up Service

If your child is at a local school we also offer school pick up and drop off services which enables you to work outside of school hours and be safe in the knowledge that we will be there for them. A lot of parents use our school pick up and drop off service when their child first progresses to school as we offer a homely environment compared to breakfast and after school clubs which younger children often struggle with when they are transitioning.

We also offer a summer school for your child which takes the pressure off you finding childcare through the 6 week summer holidays when your child is at school. Our summer school is fun and interactive and the children love coming here, spending time with their friends as well as making new ones.

The Flower’s Childcare Vouchers & Government Funding

We accept all major Childcare Vouchers and government funding, including the "30-hours scheme". We have full-day and half-day places available, either on a full or part-time basis to meet your needs.

We have set fees at a level which provides good value without compromising our mission of providing outstanding childcare.

The Flower’s Meals & Snacks

Our kitchen has a 5 Star Environmental Health Award and we offer nutritional and varied meals and snacks every day. You can choose if your child has breakfast, lunch and, or dinner with us and mealtime social interaction is a really important factor in your child’s development.

Our meals and snacks are at set times for each age group giving them routine and security in their day with us. Our food preparation, menu options and nutrition is a priority for us and we understand the importance of balanced and nutritious meals for all children. Our meals use fresh, quality ingredients, are freshly prepared and we are able to accommodate any specific dietary requirements.

Why Choose The Flowers Day Nursery

  • ​We are licensed by the Care & Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW)

  • All our staff are fully qualified and experienced childcare professionals and hold a minimum of Level 3 Childcare and have all obtained Food Hygiene, Child Protection and First Aid certification

  • We were the winner of the NDNA’s Welsh Day Nursery of the Year Award for 2013/2014

  • Our kitchen has a 5 Star Environmental Health Award

  • We are an established, independent, family-owned nursery with a commitment to providing professional, personalised and outstanding childcare in Swansea

  • We have off-road parking at our City Centre nursery location in Swansea making your drop off and pick up easy and convenient

  • We accept Childcare Vouchers

  • We are open 7.30 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday except on Bank Holidays

  • We offer full and part-time daycare for children aged 3 months through to 8 years of age

  • We offer school pick-up and drop-off for the local primary schools in Swansea

  • We are located in a beautiful Grade II listed four-storey Georgian townhouse

  • We are committed to providing exceptional child care with no hidden costs or extras

  • Our nursery fees include freshly prepared meals on-site; breakfast, lunch and tea

  • Our fees also include pampers nappies and sunscreen in the warmer months

  • We have a large, well equipped, outdoor play area which all ages of children make use of

Parent quote: "I always feel my child is cared for, not just looked after".

We really encourage you to come and visit our outstanding Day Nursery in Swansea to get a feel for what we are about, meet our team and see the children in their day to day routines and activities. If you are looking for award-winning Child Care and the best baby Nursery in Swansea then contact us today on 01792 46 44 45 and one of our team can answer any questions you may have and arrange a time for you to come and meet with us.

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