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Day Care for Babies in Swansea

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

The Flowers Day Nursery Baby Unit Swansea

Finding the right nursery school and daycare for your baby when you’re returning to work, or maybe you have moved to a new area is so important for them and you as parents or carers. You need to know the nursery they are going to is professional, caring and has the routines and plans in place to ensure your baby will settle and thrive in their new environment. The Flowers Day Nursery offers outstanding Day Care for Babies and local childcare in Swansea in their bespoke baby floor. We will work with you to ensure they are happy, content and developing in an environment they feel safe, secure and loved in, as they progress through their early years with us.

The Flowers Day Nursery has been offering outstanding childcare for babies from 3 months old to toddler age, through to preschool, and when they first start school since 2004. We offer a local childcare drop-off and pick up service during term time from the local schools in Swansea which gives you the reassurance that they are in a familiar, caring and relaxed setting for you to pick them up from. We also offer a planned summer school for primary school-aged children outside of term time which incorporates fun and exciting activities. At The Flowers, we understand that juggling work and a busy schedule are extremely demanding and we will do everything we can to support you and your child through their early years to make this easier for you.

Day Nursery Baby Unit Swansea
The Flowers Day Nursery Baby Unit

Our Dedicated Baby Care Floor

Our dedicated baby unit is light and airy and has been created to have a home from home feel as we know this is more than important for your baby and you through to the time they progress into our toddler room.

Our baby care room looks after young babies from 3 months right through to 18 months and at this time they will then progress into our creative room.

We are situated on the ground floor of our nursery, offering easy and accessible drop-off and pickups with no stairs for you to navigate.

Our baby floor is decorated in bright and vivid colours with separate areas for different times of their day and routine.

We have a 'sleep room' which is relaxing and calm with cots for your baby to sleep in, as well as a separate nappy changing room area.

We have a large playroom in our baby room floor with dedicated toys, age-appropriate equipment, books, playmats which are all regularly renewed. We have different play areas for them to experience and enjoy wonderful new and fun nursery play activities with us.

Cuddles are on-demand and the focus of our baby unit is to offer emotional security for each and every baby who is with us.

Each of our baby unit team is a fully qualified nursery nurse and they have years of experience in childcare settings, as well as some who have their own young or grown-up children.

Our number one priority when your baby first starts with us is to work with you to get to know them and their daily routine which includes feeding and sleep times. At The Flowers, we understand that routine is important for babies to feel safe and secure giving you the confidence as parents or carers that they then won’t be out of routine or unsettled when they are at home with you.

When it's time to wean your baby again we will work with you to understand their routine and provide them with nutritious and satisfying blended, mashed, or soft-cooked vegetables as part of our daycare food.

When your child has moved on from blended and soft food our 5 Star Environmental Health Awarded kitchen prepares all of our daycare foods, including breakfast, lunch and dinner freshly on-site. Our nutritious and varied meals are all included as part of your childcare session costs.

Your baby will be looked after by all of our baby unit qualified team who will get to know them. They will have their own dedicated and qualified key worker who will be your point of contact if you have any questions. You will have regular updates with them to talk about your babies development and each child has their own personal record book. We use this to fill in activities they have done in a day, milestones they have achieved and include lots of photos. This will be yours to take home as a keepsake at the end of their time with us in our baby unit.

We understand that it’s important for you to tell us how they are when you first drop them off as they may be unsettled or they may not have slept as well as normal. This ensures you leave them with us knowing we will adapt their routine if you need us to.

At the end of every day when you pick them up we will tell you about their day, how they have been and the activities they have been involved in including sleep and food times.

Our dedicated team will nurture your baby to help them settle into nursery life with us and we ensure that every day is full of fun and interaction for them.

The highest priority and the aim of our baby floor is to provide a happy, safe and loving environment where your child can learn and develop to their full potential.

We offer flexible childcare options for you and are open every day of the week 07.30 to 18.00, except on Bank Holidays. Whether you need full or part-time care we can accommodate yours and your babies needs and offer full or half-day sessions.

We commit that your baby will have continuous love and care from our team of experienced and outstanding Nursery Nurses.

All our staff have a minimum of Level 3 Childcare and all have obtained Food Hygiene, Child Protection and First Aid certification.

We accept all major Childcare Vouchers which offer tax-free childcare and we welcome any government funding schemes. Ask your employer if they have a tax free childcare scheme known as childcare vouchers.

The cost of childcare with us includes daycare foods; breakfast, lunch and tea when they are weaned and in addition to this, we include nappies in our session costs. We always use pampers nappies and this is unique to nurseries within Swansea.

We are flexible in pour approach and can often accommodate additional hours of childcare at short notice if your work commitments or plans change.

We were winners of the NDNA’s Welsh Day Nursery of the Year Award for 2013/2014 and UK Finalists in the 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 Nursery of the Year competition.

We are renowned in Swansea, the surrounding areas and in the industry for providing exceptional and outstanding childcare for families with children from the age of 3 months through to 8 years old.

Our City Centre location offers off-road parking for ease of access for you when dropping off and picking up.

As your child gets older they can progress through our dedicated rooms where our qualified team focuses on age-appropriate play and learning following the national curriculum.

Creative Room

Our creative room is called Buttercups and is based on the first floor of our nursery. Our creative room helps children aged 18-24 months to make the transition from our baby floor through to our toddler floor. Our Buttercups room is light and airy and decorated in bright and stimulating colours with different areas for play, whilst still being homely, safe and comfortable. We understand that children of this age still need a routine and rest time during their day so we have a dedicated sleep room for the children where they will have their well-earned rest time as well as a separate nappy changing area as well.

In our creative room, our team focus on language development and the opportunity for new learning and play experiences for your child. Our daily activities include art, crafts, singing, dancing, construction, sand and water play, role-play and stories.


All Day Painting, Drawing & Creative Play

Our playroom is called The Daisy Playroom and is located on the first floor of our beautiful building. The Daisy Playroom provides the ideal environment for a toddler to develop in an environment where they can explore and develop in all of the main learning areas for this age. Our toddlers are split into groups and still follow a daily routine, which includes, play, learning, meals and rest times. Our days in The Daisy Playroom are carefully planned to provide stimulation in a fun, creative and caring environment.

Our activities follow a themed approach and each one lasts around 3 months incorporating stories, music, art & crafts, sand & water play, role play and cooking.

School Room

The Flowers’ School Room Pre School incorporates an engaging and spacious science room, a light and airy playroom, a reading corner and a separate arts and crafts room. Our fully qualified teacher ensures our carefully planned curriculum is based on ‘The Foundation Phase’. We offer English and Welsh provision.

The days in our School Room Pre School are more structured which prepares them for starting primary school. Our projects last for around 3 months and include lots of different and stimulating activities, as well as stories, music, art & crafts, water & sand play and cookery.

The EYFS aims to provide quality and consistency in all early years settings leading towards a secure foundation that allows:

  • all children to progress through school and life

  • partnerships between different practitioners

  • partnerships between parents and practitioners

  • equality of opportunity for all children

All of our age groups within the Flowers focuses on the key stages of a child’s development:

  • Communication and language

  • Physical development

  • Personal, social and emotional development

  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Understanding the world

  • Expressive arts and design

Our nursery is focused on professional, outstanding and caring child care where we create an environment where your children will learn, develop and thrive. We are a family-focused daycare nursery who provides quality childcare with no hidden cost of childcare or any extras.

Why Choose The Flowers Day Nursery in Swansea?

  • We are licensed by the Care & Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW)

  • We are an independent, family-owned nursery with a commitment to providing personalised childcare

  • We take our caring responsibilities very seriously and offer a caring environment and a friendly environment which is at the heart of what we all do

  • All our staff are fully qualified and experienced childcare professionals

  • Our kitchen has a 5 Star Environmental Health Award

  • Fees include all daycare foods and our meals are freshly prepared on-site

  • Our fees also include Pampers nappies

  • We were winners of the NDNA’s Welsh Day Nursery of the Year Award for 2013/2014

  • All Childcare Vouchers are accepted

  • The cost of childcare at The Flowers is all-inclusive so there is no need to worry about any added extras

  • We are open 7.30 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday except on Bank Holidays

  • We offer full and part-time daycare for children aged 3 months to 8 years of age

  • We offer school pick-ups and drop-offs for the local schools during term time in Swansea

  • We are often able to accommodate additional hours of childcare at short notice if your work commitments or plans change

  • We have a large, well equipped, outdoor play area as part of our daycare facilities

  • Our daycare facilities are in a Beautiful Grade II listed four-storey Georgian townhouse in a City Centre location with off-road parking for ease of access when dropping off and picking up

If you are claiming universal credits you may be able to claim back up to 85% of your monthly childcare costs. If you are on universal credits then you have to pay us directly as your approved and registered childcare provider and provide our invoices as receipts to claim it back from the government.

If you are already getting tax credits, you may be able to get help with your childcare costs through your tax credits. You can, however, only get help with the cost of childcare provided by an approved childcare provider like The Flowers Day Nursery.

At The Flowers, we take our caring responsibilities very seriously and ensure that the relationship between parents and staff is strong and open so that you feel happy and confident in your child’s development.

If you are looking for outstanding childcare, a fun nursery school or Day Care for Babies in Swansea contact us today on 01792 46 44 45 and we can answer any questions you may have and arrange a visit for you to come and see us. Alternatively, you can click here ( to arrange a visit with us.

Families with children at The Flowers say….

"I always feel my child is cared for, not just looked after".

"When you know you just know. Our minds were made up the moment we walked in"

You can read our Inspection Report here ( to learn more about us. A summary point in our report states: Staff have extremely warm and caring relationships with the children. Staff provide a very

good variety of stimulating play opportunities to the children to promote their all-round

development. They know the children very well and overall meet their individual needs


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