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Foundation Phase Nursery Care in Swansea

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Foundation Phase Nursery Care in Swansea from The Flowers Day Nursery

The Foundation Phase Nursery Stage in Wales can also be referred to as early education entitlement and funded early education. Foundation Phase Nursery is the term used for the time children spend in a care setting when they are 3 and 4.

The early years is an extremely important time in a child’s life as it lays the foundation of their learning and forms a huge part of their future learning.

How do children in Wales benefit from Foundation Phase nursery funds?

Every child in Wales is entitled to a minimum of 10 hours per week of funded Foundation Phase nursery hours.

The hours have to be in a setting that has been approved to provide Foundation Phase nursery care by their local authority or school.

A child can start their Foundation Phase funded nursery care from the term following their 3rd birthday. The nursery setting can be a nursery, funded playgroup or childminder as long as they have been approved to provide the care.

The Flowers Day Nursery offers exceptional Foundation Phase Nursery Care in Swansea and would be delighted to speak to you about your child’s funded hours and more if you need them.

Foundation Phase Nursery Care in Swansea

Why should my child attend Foundation Phase Nursery Care in Wales?

The Foundation Phase curriculum is focused on learning through both indoor and outdoor play. Qualified and experienced staff work with every child on their own, in small groups and in larger groups to support them to develop their learning through play. Their learning and progression are monitored through observation and any areas they may need additional support or development in they are supported with.

During their time in the Foundation Phase, children are encouraged to make choices about their learning based on their interests which enhances the positivity of their learning experiences, preparing them for starting school. Their learning experiences are focused on being practical, fun and full of exploratory activities which not only support their learning but are known to develop positive attitudes to learning which is what is needed to support a child throughout their academic life.

The Benefits of Foundation Phase:

  • To develop self-motivation and independence

  • Having the ability to make mistakes without the fear of failure

  • To develop language and communication skills

  • To develop confidence

  • To develop a positive attitude to learning

  • To develop numeracy skills

  • To be able to allow expression through dance, art and music

  • To develop thinking and problem-solving skills

What is learning through play?

The Foundation Phase is based on the principle of learning through play.

Lots of research has shown:

  • Play is essential to the educational development of all children

  • Language skills and communication can be developed and extended through play

  • Whilst playing, children use their initiative, make choices, take risks and are able to make mistakes without the fear of failure which is a great start in their learning journey

In summary, young children learn about the world through creative play. There are many forms of play that support the Foundation Phase curriculum and sessions are planned to ensure they are diverse and engaging. Learning through play can be in the form of role-play, creative art play, construction play, creative play, exploratory play, imaginative play and much more.

What will my child learn in their Foundation Phase?

The Foundation Phase is based on your child developing all of the skills they have learned up to that point. Every child will learn new things and their understanding is demonstrated and observed through the 7 Areas of Learning (6 if Welsh is the main language of the setting or school).

The Seven Areas of Learning:

  1. Personal and Social Development, Well-being and Cultural Diversity

  2. Language, literacy and Communication Skills

  3. Mathematical Development

  4. Welsh Language Development

  5. Knowledge and Understanding of the World

  6. Physical Development

  7. Creative Development

What type of activities will my child take part in?

By taking part in practical activities relevant to their age and stage of development, and through their experiences through play every child has the opportunity to learn and understand new things.

It involves creative play, role play, construction play, exploratory play and imaginative play through planned and unplanned activities in the setting.

There will be reading time to enhance their listening and creative skills as well as sand and water play, play dough, dress up, character play, drawing and painting, colours and number play, blocks, jigsaws and shape sorters, music, dance and singing all of which will be fun, interactive and engaging activities for them

An important part of the Foundation Phase is spending time outdoors where they have the opportunity to learn and discover new things through planned and informal play, all of which develops their physical and cognitive skills as well as their love for the outdoors.

Your child will have lots of fun learning through activities outdoors and indoors, including messy creative art activities indoors. Creative activities are amazing learning opportunities that are multisensory. Multisensory play is a way of teaching that engages more than one sense at a time. Using sight, hearing, movement, and touch gives children more than one way to connect with what they are learning.

Will my child learn to read and write during their Foundation Phase?

Children are not pushed to read and write during their foundation Phase but they are supported and encouraged to develop pre-reading and pre-writing skills. This is done through language‑development activities that help them understand sounds through games, making patterns, singing and stories. Pre-writing skills can be learned through making marks with writing instruments on different surfaces. This can include using chalk on the playground, drawing in the sand or mud with sticks or making patterns with leaves, all of which enhance their cognitive and multisensory skills as well.

How do you find a Foundation Phase nursery place for your child?

Your local authority Family Information Service (FIS) can give you information and support on the settings in your area which are registered to provide funded, part-time places in the Foundation Phase.

Why Choose The Flowers Day Nursery?

The Flowers Day Nursery offers funded, part-time places for the Foundation Phase and we would love to speak to you and for you to come and visit us and the children in their surroundings so you can see what we do.

We are based in an easy and convenient location near Swansea City centre and we have our own parking which makes your dropping off and picking up easy and safe for you and your child.

We offer wrap-around childcare from 07.30 - 18.30 from the ages of 3 months to 8 years, with before and after school drop off and pick service when they attend a local school. Your 10 Foundation Phase funded hours can be extended within these hours and you would pay for the additional hours directly.

Our rooms are fresh and bright, offering lots of visual stimulation with our children’s work displayed, as well as them all having a homely feel.

We have our own garden which the children love to be in at every opportunity and our outdoor area is updated regularly. It is fully equipped with playhouses, slides and climbing frames as well as an area that is perfect for trikes, bikes with our water and sandpit play areas.

On focus is based on creating a warm and welcoming environment for both children and parents where your child will play, learn and feel loved. When you visit us you will see the relationships our teachers and carers have with the children which focuses on ensuring they are happy, content and settled throughout their time with us.

We have an on-site kitchen with a 5-Star Environmental Health Award and we prepare the children’s nutritious and varied meals and snacks on-site every day.

We understand the importance of the relationship we have with both the children and their parents/carers and we commit to working with you to ensure your little one has a fun, engaging and interactive start to their early years.

We work to the Foundation Phase Guidelines and can accommodate your 10 hours of free childcare and more if you need it on a regular basis.

Our learning is based on engaging play, building relationships, feeling safe and contented in a home-from-home environment.

Our core beliefs and values are based around teaching social skills, values, compassion, understanding and an appreciation of the world, learning about the different cultures in our society.

All of our staff have a minimum Level 3 in Childcare as well as Food Hygiene, Child Protection and First Aid certification.

Contact us today and we will answer any questions you may have and can arrange a time for you to come and visit us.

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