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Before, After School and School Holiday Care in Swansea

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Before, After School and School Holiday Care in Swansea

Flowers Day Nursery is a well-established family-run Nursery and Pre School in Swansea that also offers convenient and caring Before, After School and School Holiday Care in Swansea from 3 months to 8 years of age.

We are located near Swansea City centre and we have our own off-road parking which makes dropping off and picking up both easy and safe for you and your child. We offer wrap-around care in our beautiful four-storey Grade II Listed building from 07.30 - 18.00 from the ages of 3 months to 8 years, with a before and after school drop off and pick service when they attend a local school, as well as varied and fun school holiday care.

We are open every weekday of the year except Bank Holidays and our school pick-ups and drop-offs and school holiday care ensures your child feels safe, happy and secure.

Flowers Day Nursery has been open in Swansea since 2004 and many hundreds of children have been cared for and nurtured to provide them with all the skills they need both educationally and socially to be confident when they start school.

Our nursery gives you the reassurance that they are in a familiar, caring and relaxed setting before and after school for you to pick them up from. Our planned holiday club for primary school-aged children outside of term time has a fun and varied schedule and the children love coming back to us time and time again.

Flowers understands that juggling work and a busy schedule are extremely demanding and even more so when your child starts school, and this is why we offer our school drop-off, pickups and holiday clubs.

Even if your child hasn't come to nursery with us we do everything we can to support them to make the transition to school smooth and stress-free. We have a lot of parents who utilise our before and after school care even if their child hasn't come to nursery here.

What are the Benefits of The Flowers School Drop Off, Pickup and Holiday Care?


When your child first starts school in reception it can be a very daunting experience for them. Even more so is if they then also need to go to breakfast or after school club with lots of new and different aged children they don't know, as well as different carer’s. Often a breakfast or after school club is held in a room at the school and the care works out to be an extension of their school day. Often children have to fend for themselves somewhat in these environments and when you are getting to know a new routine, new children and carers it can be really daunting.

Flowers offer a familiar setting for your child when they first start school. They will get to know the Flowers carers that drop them off at school and pick them up at the end of the day. We have a warm and cosy environment and this is so important when they first transition to school. They will be extremely tired from their new and structured day and will need some comforting downtime when they are picked up by our team.

We have lots of different play activities available for them when they are with us, or they can choose to chill and relax in one of our quiet areas so they are able to recharge their batteries before you come and pick them up. This often means when they get home they aren't tired and irritable like they could have been and the precious time you have with them will be enjoyable, rather than stressful after a long day for you both.


The Flowers offer consistency in our family, home from home environment and this is also true for our team of carers who will look after your child before and after school. Often carers at a breakfast or after school holiday club will change day-to-day and this makes it extremely difficult for your child to build relationships and settle. The children attending breakfast and after school clubs will also be likely to change every day and again this can make it really unsettling for them every time they attend if they don’t know anyone there.

At the Flowers, we offer a consistent and familiar environment for your child and they will look forward to coming to us at the start and end of their school day. Whether they have been with us through their nursery years or not, they will quickly establish strong relationships with our team and the children who are with us.

An unsettled child often means an unhappy child and we have the experience to do everything to ensure they settle with us quickly. If they haven't been cared for by us before then we offer settling in sessions for them in the summer holidays leading up to them starting school. This means they know who we are and that we will be there for them in the mornings and at the end of school rather than them having to navigate both a new school day and the before and aftercare. This is also true when it comes to holiday care and having consistency in those first few years is vital.

Home from Home Family Environment Inside & Outside

The Flowers is clean, fresh and inviting for children whether they are babies with us or if we care for them before and after school or during the holidays. Our rooms are light and airy and have been created to have a home from home feel as we know this is more than important for the children we care for.

We have our own garden which all of the children love to be in whenever they can. All of our indoor and outdoor equipment is updated regularly and our garden is fully equipped with playhouses, slides and climbing frames, as well as an area that is perfect for trikes, bikes with our water and sandpit play areas. Our garden allows your child to let off steam and have fun after a long day at school where they have had to concentrate and focus throughout.

We are proud that we have created a welcoming and caring environment for both children and parents where your child can play, learn and feel loved when they are with us. When you visit us you will see the relationships our teachers and carers have with the children which focuses on ensuring they are happy, content and settled throughout their time with us. This care continues through to our before, after school and holiday care.

Before, After School and School Holiday Care in Swansea

Planned Activities

Our after school care is planned with activities in case your child wants to do something. Our holiday care is planned each day with varied and stimulating activities for children from the age of 4 in reception through to when they are age 8. They will meet and build new friendships when they are in our care and have the security and familiarity of our nursery and carers who look after them.

Snacks & Meals

If your child needs breakfast before school then we can provide this. This takes away the need for you to worry about this on a busy morning when you are getting everyone organised. We also provide snacks at the end of their school day and an evening meal if required.

We have an on-site 5 Star Environmental Health Award kitchen and we prepare all of the children’s nutritious and varied meals and snacks on-site every day and this is something we are really proud of.

Car Park

We have our own car park which is available for you to use when you are dropping off or picking up in the morning or evenings for before, after school and holiday care. This often removes the chaos and concern over finding a parking space at school as well as making it safe for both you and your child.

About The Flowers Day Nursery

We understand the importance of the relationship we have with both children and their parents/carers and we commit to working with you to ensure your child has a fun, familiar and home from home feel for their early years at school.

We have strong and open relationships with our parents and carers and we understand the importance of communication and working together.

Our learning and care are based on engaging play, building relationships, feeling safe and content in a home-from-home nursery environment.

Our core beliefs and values are based around teaching social skills, values, compassion, understanding and an appreciation of the world, learning about the different cultures in our society.

All of our staff have a minimum Level 3 in Childcare as well as Food Hygiene, Child Protection and First Aid certification and they all have to demonstrate their commitment to caring for children in a stimulating, supportive and caring environment.

Our Care Quality Commission Report Highlights:

Children feel safe and happy within their environment and with their carers. Children make

good age-appropriate choices and are developing their self-help skills very well. They enjoy

the play opportunities and experiences available and are becoming independent.

Children are constantly able to make choices and decisions for themselves at the service.

Children arrived at the service happy and settled quickly into their routine. They had

developed strong bonds of affection with the staff and we saw children having plenty of

cuddles and reassurance. Children knew the routines well.

Children feel settled, happy and comfortable and have very secure attachments at the

Service. Children interact well and effectively together.

Children enjoyed their play and learning. They had plenty of choices and freely moved

around their play areas and activities. They thoroughly enjoyed their outdoor play sessions

and taking part in physical play especially the sit on and ride on toys.

Children participated in both planned and free play opportunities. Children independently

moved around all the activities on offer to them both indoors and outdoors. Children are developing well and becoming independent.

Care Quality Commission Report Summary

Staff have extremely warm and caring relationships with the children. Staff provide a very

good variety of stimulating play opportunities for the children to promote their all-round

development. They know the children very well and overall meet their individual needs


We commit to working alongside you and your child to ensure they are settled, happy and content throughout their time with us, whether that is in our full or part-time care. If you are looking for Exceptional Before, After or School Holiday Care in Swansea please call us on

and we can answer any questions you may have and arrange for you to come in and meet the team.

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